Shahid Rajaee Special Economic Zone is located in 23 kilometers at west of Bandar Abbas in north of Qeshm Island and Strait of Hormuz, and by maintaining maritime relations and exchanging goods with 80 internationally known ports, it is responsible for almost half of Iran's trade.

Shahid Rajaee Special Economic Zone Port is located in the south-to-north transit corridor center which is one of the most important international transit corridors in the world. This corridor connects Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf through Iran to Caspian Sea, then through Russia to St. Petersburg and northern Europe.
The excellent geographical location, access to the world's open waters through the Persian Gulf, connection to international railway network and the Silk Road, the availability of modern equipment and facilities, proximity to free zones of Kish and Qeshm and the ports of Persian Gulf has made this port a basic strategic and unique station.

Currently, Persian Gulf Maritime Services Company, having 37 navigators and 17 floats including tows and navigating board provides steering and towing services in all ports of Hormozgan province.

The branch address: Maritime Affair Building, Shahid Rajaei Port, Bandar Abbas, telefax: +98(76)33524631