The history of company

Persian Gulf Pilot Maritime Services Company was established in 2008 under registration number 336034 and began its activity in the field of maritime services in all Iranian major ports .

Utilizing modern technology while respecting the regulations laid down by relevant national and international institutes and organizations, this complex has provided appropriate services to ports. It is worth noting that while meeting existing standards; this complex considers the following items in its agenda:

  1. Promotion of customer satisfaction while believing in customer orientation and responding principles
  2. Utilization of committed and expert human force and promotion of expert knowledge level and their skills
  3. Utilization of modern technologies for qualitative and quantitative elevation of repair and maintenance of floats
  4. Optimum allocation of resources in maximizing organizational desirability and customer
  5. Minimization of undesired effects of safety, health and environment in conformity with all regal obligations and those related to activities and processes of company
  6. Prevention of environmental pollutions and occupational risks

Statement of mission

  • Making facilities and providing modern floats for providing proper marine services
  • Providing proper ground for optimum use of all facilities and required investment for marine development and reduction of associated costs
  • Respecting and implementing national and international regulations for provision of proper services to customers and supplying their needs

Quality policy

  • Integrated management system for achievement of above objectives
  • Standards from IMQ : ISO 2008- 9001 & HSE- MS: ISO (45002-14001) – OHSAS 18001
  • Customer-orientation and customer satisfaction
  • Benefiting from expert and experienced human force
  • Benefiting from appropriate equipment and technologies
  • Minimization of safety and environmental risks and dangers

Subject of Activity

  • Pilotage
  • Performing STS and SBM Operation
  • Maintenance(Overhaul services, Docking and undocking of ships in shipbuilding complexes
  • Performing mooring operation
  • Supply vessels for marine services (towing ( Cold move, Rig move,…) )
  • Other services(Anti-pollution, Search and Rescue , …)